Students blocked Baghramyan Avenue: Police use Force against Protesters

At this moment the students have blocked Baghramyan Avenue. The police have made a “wall” and are trying to keep a portion of the avenue open.

Levon, one of the young men who joined the hunger strike, whose health condition had deteriorated yesterday evening, has now joined the march on Baghramyan Avenue. “My health is already normalized,” he said.

Valeri Osipyan, Deputy Chief Police of Yerevan approached the students and said that if they did not open the street, they would restore order.

“We understand your situation and your problem, but you abusing it. I give you 5 minutes, you decide. Your actions lead to a clash with the police. You see that you cannot reach your goal and try to provoke it. We have been tolerant for a long time. You have violated the law on assemblies roughly for 7 days. You have blocked the avenue, which is of great importance, and restrict the rights of the citizens,’ the Deputy Chief of Police said. However students still keep blocked a large part of Baghramyan Avenue, after which the police began to use force, and the police began to use force.

The police are trying to make a circle and take the students to the sidewalks, but the first attempt of the police failed, some of the students fell to the ground.

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