Our Main Objective is the Development or Creation of Large CSO Coalitions: Karen Zadoyan

The regular training in the framework of “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project was organized in Gyumri, the center of Shirak Marz.

21 participants from 19 non-governmental organizations attended the training

Project Manager Karen Zadoyan first introduced to the participants the upcoming project and the already done work and referred to sectoral issues as well. According to the project, the capacity of civil society organizations in justice, business, educational and other six other areas should be developed and thus provide new opportunity to act, to establish and develop new organizations. Then the participants were provided detailed information on the nuances and all the amendments of the RA Law “On Non-Governmental Organizations.”

“Our main objective is the development or creation of large CSO coalitions, and certain funds are allocated for each of such coalitions. We will create 5 incubators for the development of CSOs in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Gavar, Kapan and Yerevan, where all the theoretical knowledge will turn into practical. There will be different experts, including the international experts with European experience. In addition we will also have sectoral mentors who will develop 9 sectoral directions,” Mr. Karen Zadoyan said.

Young people who wanted to register new non-governmental organizations introduced new initiatives as well and to promote greater integration of the new generation in the society, and the development of the education sector.

“Many people are not informed about the changes stipulated by the new law, as well as the changes related with the role of certain authorities, which is very important. The important thing here that the NGOs development is promoted. NGOs in the provinces need NGOs to exchange expertise and implement joint programs, and creation of coalitions is encouraged in the framework of this project as well,” one of the young participant of the project said.

Currently free legal assistance is provided to NGOs in Gyumri as well as in Yerevan, Ararat, Vanadzor, Kapan and Gavar, and their statutes are harmonized with the requirements of the new law.

Participants especially highlighted the role of such a project in the regions, since NGOs very often are unable to attend trainings and events organized in Yerevan.

Notably, after the meeting the ALA President Karen Zadoyan held a working meeting with Shirak Governor Arthur Khachatryan at the Shirak regional administration.

The “Commitment to Constructive Dialogue” Project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union by the “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO in cooperation with its partners; Agora Central Europe o.p.s (an NGO from the Czech Republic), Armenian Center for Democratic Education-CIVITAS, “International Center for Human Development” Public Organization, SME Cooperation Association and Union of Communities of Armenia.


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