The Officials and Interrelated Persons submitted 376 Declarations in violation of the established Requirements and Procedure

Tomorrow, on July 27, the Government plans to confirm the number of the stuff and the staff list of Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials. The issue presented by the Justice Ministry was included in the number of non-reported drafts.

According to the draft, in addition to the chairperson and members of the commission, the body will have an Assistant to the Chairperson, the Head of the Staff, Head of the two departments, four chief specialists, one leading specialist, two experts and the chief accountant.

In justification of the draft, violations of the procedure of submission as o 31 December, 2016, was described as well.

According to it the total number of not submitted declarations is 45. The total number of declarations submitted after the deadline is 459. The total number of declarations submitted with violations of the established requirements and procedure is 376.

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