In this Way the Court of First Instance actually covered the Omission of the Court of Appeal

Advocate Artur Sukiasyan answers’s questions.

– What was the 2016 distinguished with? What achievements did you have past year? Were there any omissions?

– There were many achievements in various fields. Most of them were reached due to the work and inputs made in previous years. Naturally, there are drawbacks as well, which I will try to improve in 2017.

– In your opinion, who was the distinguished professional in your sphere this year?

– There were distinguished professionals in the past year, but I find it difficult to single out any one.

– Were there were ridiculous court cases and legislative acts?

– The Civil Court of Appeal had reversed the judicial act, but with respect to the judicial costs it was mentioned in the decision of the Court of Appeal that the decision stays unchanged. I assume that it was the result of carelessness. But it was even more ridiculous that the Court of First Instance refused to grant a writ for the part entered into force. In this way the Court of First Instance actually covered the omission of the Court of Appeal.

– What surprised you most in the past year in your field (adoption of the new laws, verdicts and so on)?

– Most surprising are the definitions of criminal acts. Although, I must say that it does not refer only to 2016. The definitions of prosecution authorities were also surprising in 2015, 2014, 2013 and the preceding years.

– If Santa Claus was a lawyer, what position would you give him?

– If Santa Claus were a lawyer, he would be very busy. So it is very good that Santa Claus is not a lawyer.

– How and with whom do you celebrate the New Year and Christmas?

– I’m celebrating the holidays at home with my family. I watch a lot of movies on these days.

– Do you appear as a cook in the kitchen on the occasion of the New Year?

– I do not appear in the kitchen.

– Your expectations in 2017.

– I am positively disposed and have expectations for positive changes.

– What have you asked from Santa Claus?

– I have not yet received my last year’s request. So I shall not add a new request.

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