There are Rumors that Karen Andreasyan was forced to resign: Nikol Pashinyan

“There was a problem related to all three human rights defenders of our country,” MP Nikol Pashinyan said at today’s’ session of the National Assembly. He reminded that all three had resigned before expiration of their term of office..

When talking about Karen Andreasyan’s resignation, the deputy said: “There are rumors that he was forced to resign. He underwent pressure and blackmail. All this is connected with the name of one person – Mikayel Minasyan, Armenia’s Ambassador to Vatican. If the NA, which is the supreme legislative body of the country, can appoint a defender and if an ambassador to a country calls and tells him to immediately resign and the defender is obliged to do so, the situation is serious,” the Deputy stated and concluded that it is necessary to understand how this institution works.

“If this turns out to be true, then isn’t there a corpus delicti? The Ombudsman is the head of an inviolable institution provided by law, what does it mean to force him to resign in a hidden manner?” he addressed this question to Hovhannes Sahakyan, the chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs. But the latter didn’t manage to answer because of the break. After the break Hovhannes Sahakyan did not provide the details and merely pointed the legal basis.

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