More than Ten Years have passed, but Two Essential Issues referring the Ombudsman’s Office still remain Unsolved: Advocate

The Human Rights Defender should have permanent regional representation, believes the AYLA Board Member, Advocate Marat Atovmyan. According to him, the mentioned problem has not been resolved since the creation of this institution. “Regional representation would enable the Ombudsman to work more closely with government agencies and civil society institutions in regions,” our interlocutor said.

Marat Atovmyan was at the origins of the creation of this institute. He worked at the Ombudsman’s Office in 2004-2005. Further he cooperated with the office in different formats. He says that there is a serious problem among the public with regard to perception of this institute. “In many cases, citizens who apply to the Ombudsman, are not quite aware of the Ombudsman’s role and significance provided by law. In many cases they apply to the Ombudsman, anticipating support that the defender cannot do according to the law. When the defender refuse, people get offended saying what the use of this institution is, if it is not able to protect the rights of persons,” Mr. Atovmyan said and added that the problem has not been resolved even after 12 years.

With regard to Karen Andreasyan’s resignation, the advocate who has got acquainted with the clarifications that the former Ombudsman gave today, and which do not clarify the situation, Mr Atovmyan said, “It does not contain any clarity, the reasons for resignation are not indicated. The real motives of the resignation are obscure for me and for many others.”


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