Soon I shall submit my Second Resignation Letter: Karen Andreasyan

Today, Karen Andreasyan, the former Human Rights Defender of the RA wrote on his Facebook Page:

“Dear People of Armenia,

When five years before I was assuming the only public office, which I ever have dreamt about. I tried to present my expectations and motivations in the following words:

“As a lawyer I always gave priority to the principle; all are equal before the law. As a practitioner I know that this is one of the most difficult norms to implement. As a realist I believe that this mission is more often the target of criticism than deserves admiration. But as optimistic, I believe that the “Dripping water hollows out stone.” And I just want to sum up this logic at the end of this complicated road…”

At the end of his statement Karen Andreasyan apologized to all those whose expectations were not justified due to objective or subjective reasons. He thanked the people who helped him take over, and then carry out the great mission of helping the people and those who were with him during all five years of trials.

He also added that soon he would submit his second resignation letter.

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