The Gang Case was postponed: The Trial continues on for 2 Years

The hearing on armed gang case was postponed again today and this time for a rather long time. The Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction of Center and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan has been considering this case for around 2 years.

At the previous court hearing, the gang leader, according to the indictment, defendant Rafael Haroyan stated that he declines his advocate Liparit Simonyan’s services due to financial was dropping his protector Liparit Simonyan and because of financial problems, wants to use the services of a public defender.

At today’s court hearing advocate Ruzanna Sirekanyan was involved in the case as Rafael Haroyan’s defender. She motioned to court to provide one month period to get acquainted with the case materials. Due to the fact that the materials of the case, which has been lasting for 2 years are voluminous, the court granted the motion.

The next court hearing was set on 30 June.

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