List of the members of the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition

# Names of the CSOs and the Media Outlets
1. “Armenian Lawyers’ Association” NGO
2. “Union of Information Technology Enterprises” Union of Legal Entities
3. “Communities Association of Armenia” Union of Legal Entities
4. Republican Union of Employers of Armenia
5. “Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperation Association” NGO
6. “ArmComedy” Cultural NGO
7. “Elegy” Cultural NGO
8. Foundation for Equal Opportunities
9. Information Training Center for Local Self-Government Development
10. “Social Propaganda” NGO
11. “Progress” Center for Social Research NGO
12. The Law Foundation of Armenia
13. Foundation for Small and Medium Businesses
14. International Center for Human Development (ICHD)
15. “European Movement of Armenia” NGO
16. Human Dignity and Peace Foundation
17. “Zartonk-89” Benevolent NGO
18. “Student Council of the Armenian Diaspora” Student NGO
19. “Harmony” NGO for Civil Society Support
20. “Areg” Scientific Cultural Youth Association” NGO
21. “Astghik” Disabled Children’s Parents Association” NGO
22. “Disaster Management and Public Awareness Center” NGO
23. “Youth Problems Research Association” Humanitarian Studies NGO
24. U.S. Alumni Association of Armenia (USAAA)
25. “Nran Tsar” (Pomegranate Tree) Armenian Young Women’s Christian Association” NGO
26. “Swiss Alumni Association” NGO
27. “CIVITAS – Armenian Center for Democratic Education” NGO
28. “Center for Social Technologies” NGO
29. “TATEVIK” Benevolent NGO
30. “Democracy and Election Procedures” International Center NGO
31. “Professionals for Civil Society” NGO
32. “Legally Aware Generation” human rights NGO
33. “Araza” Benevolent NGO
34. “Public Network” for Cooperation with State Authorities informal association of legal entities
35. “Association of Accountants of  SME of Armenia” NGO
36. “European Business Association” NGO
37. “Armenian UN Association”  NGO
38. “Civil Voice” NGO
39. “Armenian Young Lawyers’ Association” NGO
40.  “Association of Audio Visual Reporters” NGO
41. “Armenian Association of Young Doctors” NGO
42. “Journalists for human rights” NGO
43. “Civil Society Institute” NGO
Shirak Marz
44. “Araks Center” Benevolent NGO
45. “Center of Community Initiatives and Advocacy” NGO
46. “TSOLINEH” Benevolent Cultural Human Rights Protection NGO
47. “Flora” Young Women`s Christian Association NGO in Gyumri
48. “Sacred Land” Benevolent NGO
49. “Kantegh” Children’s and Youth NGO of Gyumri
50. “Meghvik” Youth NGO
51. “Reform and Development” Human Rights NGO of Shirak marz
52. “New Sight” Centre of Civil Society” NGO
53. “Hatsik” Community center” NGO of Hatsik
54. “LogoS” Youth NGO
55. “Students’ Legal Advice” Legal Clinic NGO
Syunik Marz
56. “Rainbow” Leaders’ Educational Center” NGO
57. “Shushan” Women’s Support NGO
58. “Teachers of Kapan” NGO
59. Kapan Aarhus Center
60. “Kapan Small farmers Association” NGO
61. “Return” Youth Civic Movement” NGO
62. “Kapan Women’s Resource Center” NGO
63. “Law for the Rule of Law” NGO
Lori Marz
64. “Armenian Constitutional Rights Protective Center” NGO
65. “Selen” Club of Journalists” NGO
67. “Union of Lorians” Benevolent NGO
68. “Maymekh” NGO
69. “Spitak Helsinki Group” NGO
Tavush Marz
70. “Tavush Youth Center” NGO
71. “Dealnet Service” Educational NGO
Ararat Marz
72. “Together” NGO for Protection of Rights of People with Disabilities
73. “Angel” Youth NGO
74. “Erkragorts” Newspaper
75. “Kolson” Youth NGO
76. “Greens of Ararat Marz” NGO
77. “Ararat Marz Killed and Wounded Freedom Fighters Families’ Support” NGO
78. “Women’s Council of Ararat City” NGO
79. “Aarhus” Ararat Regional Environmental Information Center
80. “Sustainable Development of Rural Communities” NGO
81. “Hayrenik” (Motherland) Women’s Benevolent NGO
Armavir Marz
82. “Family Supporting Center of Armavir” Social Economic NGO
83.  “Nur” Disabled Children’s Rights Protection NGO
84. “Huysi Metsamor” NGO
Gegharkunik Marz
85. “Areguni” Social Development NGO
86. “Gavar Business Center” NGO
87. “Friendship” Women’s Council of National Minorities” NGO
88. “Geghama” Youth Regional Association” NGO
89. “Qyavar” TV
90. “Council of Disabled from Childhood and Maternity” NGO
91. “Tskhani Tsukh” Benevolent NGO
92. “Regional Development and Research Center” NGO
93. “Bari Huys” (Good Hope) Social NGO for Health Support to Children with Disabilities
94. “Russian Community of Gavar” NGO
95. “Decent Generation” NGO