About Coalition


On 28 November 2014, 75 Non-Governmental Organizations from Yerevan and the RA Marzes adopted the declaration on the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations.

Taking into consideration the international legal documents and the successful international practice in the fight against corruption,

Taking into account the commitments undertaken by the RA under the above‐mentioned international legal documents, including the UN Convention against Corruption, and the importance for their decent fulfillment,

The objectives of the Anti‐Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society Organizations are:

  • To raise the efficiency of CSO control over anti‐corruption reforms of the Government,
  • To contribute to the enforcement and development of anti‐corruption institutional mechanisms,
  • To contribute to the increased anti‐corruption understanding and awareness‐raising in the society, protection of the rights of the victims of corruption,
  • To enhance the watchdog and anti‐corruption capacities of the CSOs.

The Anti‐Corruption Coalition of the Civil Society organizations is an informal institution, the work of which is organized through the Bylaw adopted by the Assembly of the member‐ organizations.

The civil society organizations, including the public movements and initiatives, which join the Declaration of the Coalition and accept its Bylaw may be members of Coalition.

Currently 82 CSOs from Yerevan and the RA Marzes have joined the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition.


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