“All these Changes do not bring to Real Results.” Varuzhan Hoktanyan

Varuzhan Hoktanyan, Executive Director of “Transparency International” (TI), anti-corruption NGO, executive director of Hoktanyan,  the 2005 Constitutional reforms were of more progressive nature and  improved the problems of the previous Constitution. “It was assumed that these reforms will bring to the performance improvement, for example, elections should be held more normal than it was before 2005, or as a result of good governance the level  of corruption should descend, but the figures show that such reforms are not been.”

During the discussion “The Role of the Civil Society in the Process of Constitutional Reforms”, the Executive Director of the NGO mentioned that until 2003 Armenia was not included in any parameters of the fight against corruption, and then came the stagnation phase. Also remember, why Armenia stayed out of the Millennium Challenge Corporation? Because of the insufficient level of political indicators, which were not improved during that project implementation.”

He believes that this testifies that not all legislative changes bring to real results, including the improvement of the population’s perception.


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