Approval of this Draft Law will eliminate the Need to Make “Merelots” (Remembrance Day) Non-Working Day and Shift those to Saturdays

Independent MP Edmon Marukyan posted in his Facebook account: “Recently, I put into circulation The packages of the Draft Laws “On making Amendments to the RA Labor Code” and “On making Amendments to the RA Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations”. With this he particularly suggests that employees can take 3 hours’ break on Memorial days to visit the tombs of their deceased relatives. This means these days will be working and there will be no need to shift them into next week’s Saturday. At the meantime, the religious tradition will not be neglected. Besides, to prevent discrimination, I have planned special provision for those who follow miscellaneous religious branches and can also use this right to visit graveyard in accordance with their religious calendar. The problem is that working on Saturday instead of Monday, banks and other similar institutions practically cannot make transactions and do other functions on both days. On the other hand, there is a gap for the employees working six days in a week, as many employers do not consider the requirements of the Labour Code and call their employees on Sundays, so they work twelve days in a row. Thus, the package of the draft creates legal basis to visit the tombs on the proper day, without the need to declare it as non-working.”

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