Employees may be granted up to a 30-Day Study Leave to prepare for Examinations and Graduation Papers

Combining education and work may become more difficult during the examination period. However, student employees may enjoy the following opportunities are provided by the law.

Pursuant to Article 174 of the RA labor Code:

1. Employees shall be granted a leave in order to prepare for examinations for admission to secondary vocational and higher education institutions, three working days for each examination.

2. Employees studying at general education, secondary vocational or higher education institutions shall be granted a study leave upon the motion of the educational institution:

(1) to prepare for and take current examinations — three working days for each examination;
(2) to prepare for and take credit tests — two working days for each credit test;
(3) for laboratory work — as many days as envisaged by the curriculum;
(4) to prepare and defend a graduation paper — 30 working days;
(5) to prepare for and take each state (graduation) examination — six working days.

3. The time for arriving at and returning from the educational institution shall not be calculated in the study leave.