Advocates turn to Judges and Prosecutors for Arshavir Khalapyan’s Case

Months ago the prosecutions against the member of the RA Chamber of Advocates Arshavir Khalapyan started. He is accused of demanding commercial bribe. Ashot Kuyumjyan had began the construction of a garage near the building, that belonged to Arshavir Khalapyan. The latter wanted to clarify whether that person was eligible to build a garage in that place according to the law. He applied to the Municipality as a random citizen and not as an advocate. Consequently the action was out of their field, as Karen Mezhlumyan, mentioned. He also pointed out that the case cannot be viewed as a commercial bribe. He urges the judges and prosecutors that are involved in the case to be serious towards the issue. He also noted that they would continue to protect Arshavir Khalapyan’s rights.

According to advocate Armine Fanyan, in the first episode A. Khalapyan, sent a normal inquiry and applied to Municipality as a random citizen, not as an advocate. In the second episode, which is about illegal allocations of cemeteries, he applied as an advocate. She said in this second episode Khalapyan demanded 10.000 USD from Armen Sargsyan. The advocate said for this case, only Armen Sargsyan’s evidence was considered, according to which Khalapyan demanded money, and there is no other proof.

Karen Mezhlumyan also pointed out that currently Arshavir Khalapyan’s case is in the stage of speeches.

Yelena Aramyan

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