Varuzhan. Hoktanyan. “We prefer to assume the role of an observer.” talked with Varuszahn Hoktanyan, the director of “Transparency International” (TI) Anti-Corruption center about the Anti-Corruption Council and the fight against corruption

Mr. Hoktanyan, you always announce that the NGOs should not be included in the Anti-Corruption Council as aminority to avoid legitimating the decisions Government representatives. Have you changed your position now?

– I have told about the NGOs as observers, that is the non-governmental organizations should participate in the Anti-Corruption Council as observers.

– The Council will be fully formed soon. What is your opinion on this stage?

– The decision already exists. The 1 June 2004 decision of the RA President sbe annulled, and after that the 19 February decision shall come into force. Opposition parties should be included in the Council and a tender among the NGOs should be announced. Even if the factions will not join the Council nevertheless it will be considered as formed.

-Will yo participate in the tender to be included in the Council?

– No we prefer to assume the role of an observer, and then it will be worth to see how it works. In addition there should be a rotation principle, which means that first they are selected as a result of the tender and then during the time are substituted by others. Depending on the fact what work will be carried out and if there is a progress we shall apply for the second tender, because so far we have not seen any effective steps. If it continues like this it will be correct for us not to be in the Council. There are two ways of fight against corruption – change of the government or the political will of the current government. We are for the second way and expect that there will be changes.Interview: Lilit Shaboyanի