Linguists invited to the Competition to ECHR Judges

The oral round of the second competition of the candidates from the RA to ECHR Judges started a few minutes ago. The Chair of the Commission, Chairman of the RA Constitutional Court Gagik Harutyunyan said that the oral round started late because the day before at about 20:00, the commission received the application from one of the candidates, advocate Vahan Grigoryan, and had to discuss it.

Gagik Harutyunyan informed that the application raised some questions referring to the former competition, and it was decided that those issues would not be addressed.

The Chair of the Commission also informed that on the assumption of the fact that last time some problems occurred with regard to testing the language proficiency of the candidate, the commission had applied to the Ministry of Education and Culture with request to offer professionals who would be present at the interview stage and support the commission members to evaluate the language skills of the candidates.

The Commission members are: Ruben Melikyan, the Rector of the RA Academy of Justice, Gegvorg Kostanyan, the RA Prosecutor General, Hovhannes Manukyan, The RA Minister of Justice, Karen Andreasyan, the Human Rights Defender of the RA, Ara Zohrabyan, President of the RA Chamber of Advocates, Arman Mkrtumyan, Chairman of the RA Constitutional Court, Hratchik Sargsyan, the Chairman of the Armenian Judges Association, and Gagik Harutyunyan, the Chair of the Commission, Chairman of the RA Constitutional Court.

At this moment Stepan Mikaelyan,, judge of the RA Court of Appeals is passing the test.

14 candidates have applied for the competition.

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