Facts related to Gyumri Tragic Incident. George Gyozalyan

Advocate Gevorg Gyozalyan has recorded the following facts realated to the tragic incident in Gyumri:

FACT 1. The alleged perpetrator voluntarily left the military unit with weapons; according to the RF Criminal Code Article 338, paragraph 2 shall be considered a crime (Other articles of Chapter 33 of the RF Criminal Code may be applicable as well).

FACT 2. – The alleged perpetrator has committed intentional homicide, which according to the Criminal Code. Article 104, paragraph 2 shall be considered a crime (Other articles may be applicable as well).

FACT 3. The alleged perpetrator was arrested and taken by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation to the RF space (in this case the military unit is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation) with all the ensuing consequences that is the RF citizens cannot be surrendered to another state, etc.

FACT 4. Our other “strong” and “sovereign” state had not only been able to find and arrest the alleged offender, but also failed to arrange the issue through the diplomatic channels, using its “strong” team of diplomats (with fat cheeks, weightlifter, etc), so that the perpetrator would (incidentally) appear in the hand of the “otherwise strong” RA Policemen even if he was arrested by the RF competent authorities.

I believe we should wake up, as not the whole world is bad because whenever they want they shear Armenia’s head (the late Vazgen Sargsyan was trying to prevent it) but the leaders of Armenia who in a subjective-objective mixture are not able to govern this country.

The advocate has written this in his Facebook account.


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