A false decision was made with regard to the former head of the Ministry of Justice Prison Department: Lawyer

Today the trial on the case of former head of the Ministry of Justice Prison Department Samvel Hovhannisyan was postponed at the Criminal Court of Appeals. Samvel Hovhannisyan has been sentenced to 12-year imprisonment by the Court of First Instance for committing an especially huge fraud and organizing an ordered murder attempt preparations for venal purposes.

One of the judges – Armen Danielyan didn`t attend the court sitting at the Court of Appeals, and with his absence the proceeding could not go on, so the court sitting was postponed.

Samvel Hovhannisyan`s lawyer Georgi Melikyan informed that today he was to come up with interventions. “In particular, certain evidence should be presented and recognized as unacceptable proof”.

Mr. Melikyan said that there is no decision on initiating a criminal case against his defendant on the case of especially huge levels of fraud. “And that is an obligatory condition not only for criminal prosecution, but also for the trial, and in its absence the evidence on the fraud should be subject to be recognized unacceptable. In this conditions it`s not that the case initiation decision is absent, but is a false one”.

Next court sitting is scheduled for 10 October.


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