A person who challenged Great Britain. Edmon Marukyan

As expected, Prime Minister of Scotland and Head of Scotland`s National Party Alex Salmond resigned.

I have had the chance of meeting him in 2013, talk to him on his party`s vision, namely the independence of Scotland affirmed by the Referendum. I have to say that so far I`m impressed by his speech, by his abilities to convince people and by the image of a charismatic leader. Back then it was obvious from his speech that he would resign in case of unsuccessful referendum, which is quite a nice and classical example for politicians in terms of what a leader should be like.

Trying to implement your vision with the help of citizens and going aside in case of the absence or non-sufficient assistance, opening a way for new leaders who`ll try to implement their visions and ideas for the well-being of those same citizens.

Post from the Facebook page of RA National Assembly Deputy Edmon Marukyan.


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