“Punks – this way, punks – that way”: advocate Norayr Norikyan


At the Cabinet sitting the Prime-Minister literally told the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication: “Your opinion is not that important…”

If the Deputy Minister`s opinion is not that important, all is decided, or You decide everything, why have you brought that person to the Cabinet and endowed him with Deputy Minister`s position, given him a service car, a secretary, some 5 assistants and an advisor, and why do you in general give a salary to him on our – taxpayers` account, and finally, if it is so, who needs that much inflated state apparatus. If ultimately “Punks –  this way, punks – the other way…” formula applies…?

I really wonder whether you haven`t got tired of these formalities, grandstand agenda, self-deception, haven`t you got tired…?

And you know, in fact it`s not that today You are deciding everything, You are the one to say “Punks – this way, punks – the other way…”, that is regrettable…

You`re saying it today, someone else will say it tomorrow, the tragedy is that there is no alternative to your type, you are all the same, be it in the street or in the office or behind those black glasses…

Don`t you realize that the absence of your variety suspends the development of our country…

Cheers to the new Armenia…

Post from the facebook page of advocate Norayr Norikyan.



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