Corruption is not with a hartshorn and a tail. Deputy Edmon Marukyan

National Assembly Deputy Edmon Marukyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“Corruption is not with a hartshorn and a tail…Learn this quite remarkable episode…

From the report of the RA Control Chamber

In the framework of the grant program on implementing 2nd strategy of the public sector accounting standards and with a purpose of acquiring the automated system insertion works of accounting and full testing of accounting legal acts and the manual, a contract of 704.1. thousands USD has been signed with “Four Assist Development Consulting Limited” Company (Cyprus), and the entire sum (except taxes) has been transferred to Cyprus to the account of the company. The Cypriot company, in its turn, has signed a sub-provision contract of 288.0 thousands USD with “PHG Partners” CJSC for contract-provided consulting services.

All the work provided by the contract has been implemented by “PHG Partners” CJSC based on the sub-provision contract…”

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