Serious Disappointments maturing in the Government: “Hraparak” Daily

The former chair of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, former Minister of Justice, current Minister – Chief of RA Government Staff davit Harutyunyan, after coming to this post has de facto undertaken the authorities of Deputy Prime Minister. “Hraprtak” Daily writes about this and then clarifies: “Recently he instructed all Ministries to send all the documents addressed to different levels of the government through them. Serious disappointments are currently maturing in the Government. ”

According to the information of “Hraparak” Daily’s source, new details are circulation about the displacement of the former Minister of Justice.

“Some well aware individuals insist that after such conversation with davit Harutyunyan, ex-Minister of Justice Tovmasyan decided to resignand asked Serzh Sargsyan not to re-assign him. The President urged him not to hurry, but Tovmasyan had understood that he cannot work with Harutyunyan,” the newspaper wrote.

Details in today’s issue of “Hraparak” Daily.

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