The “fume” of the Complaint of the well-known Case of Haystack reached the Court of Cassation

The decision of the Court of Appeals of the case of  A and his friends, G, R and A was appealed to the Cassation Court. was informed by their defendants.

The Court of Appeal rejected their complaints but overturned and changed the part of the sentence and as a result the sentence of imprisonment appointed by the first part of the article of hooliganism of the Criminal Code was replaced by the fine of 50,000 AMD and to send A and R to imprisonment for 2 years and 4 months and fine for 50,000 AMD and A and G for a year and fine 50,000 AMD. Then they were released by amnesty from the sentence appointed according to the decision.

The full version of the article is available in Armenian

In order to exercise the right to be forgotten, the name(s)/surname(s), photo(s), video(s) were edited in the publication and do not reflect the data of the real people. 07.06.2018

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