The Rights of Harutyun Ghazaryan, the Only Pupil in the Class grossly violated: Nikol Pashinyan

Yesterday I visited Yerevan main school # 71 after Nelson Stepanyan and recorded the outrageous facts:

1. On 10 April 2014, Gayane Demiryan, director of the school signed an order which reads: “As of the date 9 April 2014, based on the fact of transfer of 23 from overall 24 pupils of class 6b, consider the class terminated.”

2. Article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia provides, “… officials shall be competent to perform only such actions for which they are authorized under the Constitution or laws.” G. Demiryan was unable to answer my question based on which law or by-law she was entitled to terminate the mentioned above class. Gayane Soghomonyan, head of Public Education Department of Yerevan Municipality did not have a reply to this my question either.

3. The above mentioned order grossly violated the rights of the only pupil of the 6b class Harutyun Ghazaryan. I directly asked Gayane Demiryan whether after her signing the order Harutyun Ghazaryan was still considered to be the pupil of school #71. She gave a univocally positive reply. In this case in what grade was Harutyun encountered. Mrs. Demiryan had no reply to this question. The next question, which class Harutyun will enter tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning to continue his education was unanswered as well (Harutyun does not come to school during the last 10 days as he has some health problems).

4. Gayane Demiryan has gone even further, and indirectly requested Harutyun Ghazaryan parents to withdraw him from school No. 71. After signing the above mentioned order, the directorate sent a notice to Ghazaryan informing that the 6b class was terminated and at the same time the 6a class was staffed completely, which means that Harutyun cannot be transferred to this class.

Thus, school # 71 has a contract with Harutyun’s parents on organizing his educational process and refuses to comply with its contractual obligations. This is unacceptable, outrageous fact, and should appropriately be assessed.

Member of the National Assembly

I was not touching this topic hoping that the public education system will be able to solve its “internal” matter.
However under the current situation I as an MP am obliged to express my position on the illegality of the state system against a child. Moreover, I do not dare to assess the attitudes of parents of children of his former classmates. This position is an inalienable right of each of them.
I directly condemn the fact that the state education system has directed its shafts against a child – pupil of 6b class Harutyun Ghazaryan.  
From the MP, “Armenian National Congress” Faction, Nikol Pashinyan’s Facebook page.

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