New Details Tevosik’s Brother’s Murder: “Zhoghovurd.”

According to information form reliable sources of “Zhoghovurd” Daily the law authorities are on the trace of the murder of Tevos Safaryan’s brother. Tevos Stepanyan is a famous name in the criminal world. Movses Nersisyan – Moso together with Israyel Sargsyan – Iso drove to the sauna in Zovuni. MP Ruben Gevorgyan owns this sauna.

“It is due to mention that each room of this sauna, which the MP de facto owns, has a separate numbered entrance gate. It is constructed so that to ensure the secrecy of the visitors.  This means that no one can distinctly say how many people entered and how many went out of the car which entered the gates that are remote controlled,” the newspaper informs.

According to the same source, Iso went to the sauna with Iso; however he went out of the sauna alone. Apparently he killed Moso and then tried to wash the blood stains, which remained, but he did not have time to clean the walls. The law authorities made serious conclusions based on these tracks.

Continuation in today’s issue of “Zhoghovurd” Daily

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