New Details about Tigran Sargsyan’s Resignation: “Zhoghovurd” Daily

Yesterday, “Zhoghovurd” Daily learnt new details on Tigran Sargsyan’s resignation. According to the informed source, on the resignation day, after the morning session of the Government, Tigran Sargsyan participated in the ordinary session of the Committee of Ministers. At that time his bodyguard entered and informed that there is an urgent call from the Presidential residence and the Prime Minister is called to the phone. To Tigran Sargsyan’s question whether they cannot wait a little until the session is over, the bodyguard answered “they told it is very urgent.”

Tigran Sargsyan went out into the corridor to answer the phone call. He was told to come to the Presidential residence urgently. Tigran Sargsyan said that he was in a session and whether it was not possible to wait a little. He received a negative answer, “No, come here as you will submit a resignation.”

Complete article in today’s issue of the Daily.

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