Under disagreement they try to discredit the Central Bank

After the announcement of the Central Bank (CB) about the famous procedural decision of the Constitutional Court, many lawyers, politicians and representatives of state bodies, spokespersons attacked the Central Bank and the head of the Central Bank trying to discredit them. Even the medias didn’t delete blasphemy from their official websites.

I am not even against that those people don’t share the idea of the CB but also protect their rights not agreeing with the idea of the CB or any other body. This is the right of everyone. But I cannot bear when under disagreements they try to discredit CB or insult its staff and the head, as well as disseminating false, misleading and provocative expressions. The insulting and the blasphemy directed against the facts and opinions weaken the description of your personality and views, ladies and gentlemen. Think before talking. And know that the main goal of the head of the CB and the staff is the wellness and safety of Armenia and its nation.

From the Facebook page of the Head of Legal Department of the Central Bank, Varujhan Avetikyan.


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