Claim of “ArmRusGasard” Company against Beneficiary rejected, the Criminal Process dismissed

Mr. F.H., from village Sisavan of Ararat Marz of the RA had applied to Ararat AAC in March 2011 and informed that representative of Vedi GGD had visited his house, called him out and shown the damaged seal on the gas meter. Further they informed that he had to pay 300.000 AMD as compensation for the damage. They also informed that in case of failure to pay the mentioned sum shall be collected judicially. And the Company did so. F.H. was unaware of his rights and was in a loss, so he decided to apply to Ararat AAC for support to recover his infringed rights.
The AAC lawyer prepared an application in the name of the beneficiary to the Director of “ArmRusGasard” Company with request to provide the protocol compiled in compliance to the requirements of law. After receiving the application the Company reduced the fine of 300.000 to 100.000 AMD, though without providing the protocol. On 10.05.2011, with expectations of complete reply, Ararat AAC sent a letter to “ArmRusGasard” Company. To its reply on 18.05.2011, the Company attached the Act#166. However, the beneficiary insisted that his signature under the mentioned act was falsified. Based on the aforesaid the AAC filed a petition to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor Marzes with request to dismiss the trial of the case, on the assumption of the fact that on 14.06.2011, Ararat AAC had sent notification on the fact of falsification of the signature to the Prosecutor’s office of Ararat Marz.
The beneficiary asserted that only the seal of the gas meter was damaged, and he was required to pay the fine for that. Consequently it is curious how the seal on the gas meter can be damaged while the seal on the box, in which the gas meter was placed, was unharmed.
Prosecutor’s office of Ararat Marz sent the case to Ararat Police Department, and there was a need to explanation from the citizen. For the purposes Ararat AAC involved the advocate to represent the beneficiary’s rights in the framework of examination of the civil case, as well as on the criminal case in the pre-trial proceeding.
The criminal case proceeding of the inspector of “ArmRusGasard” Company was dismissed in pursuance of the act on amnesty adopted by the National Assembly of the RA, and based on this, on 19.10.2011, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor Marzes took a decision, which completely denies the claim of “ArmRusGasard” Company against F.H. on exacting 105.573 AMD.
The judicial act came into force on 19.11.2011, and after that the beneficiary came to Ararat AAC Office full of trust and confidence, and expressed his gratitude adding that he shall inform everyone about the disinterested assistance and concern of the AAC.

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