AAC restored the Citizen’s Right

S.K had signed a labor agreement and was working in I/E as a cook-salesman since 1 July. Yet he was paid salary only for 1 (one) month. The citizen had applied repeatedly to the employer with request to pay his salary, and always received evasive answers
The citizen had already stopped struggling for the protection of his rights, and he did not even conceive that the RA legislation was on his side. Finally he hped that Aragatsotn AAC shall help him.
Based on the citizen’s application Aragatsotn AAC applied in written form to the employer with request to abide to the RA legislation and acting in compliance with the provisions of the Labor Contract pay the salary of the citizen.
After some days the citizen came to the AAC and expressed his deepest gratitude to the AAC staff for supporting to solve this matter in his interest. In result of the AAC meddling, the employer paid the salary completely.

The success story is borrowed from www.shpak.am.

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