Paruyr Hayrikyan told how he was shot has already informed that today Paruyr Hayrikyan, the victim, will provide testimony at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan.
Prior to telling the details of the incident Paruyr Hayrikyan described the way that he went, and mentioned that it might help the investigation.
According to him this was not the first attempt against his life. There were two such precedents, one in Moscow and the second when he was in prison, where he was kept in the cell with the drug addicted, though he said he never used drugs, and there was an intention to kill him through the drug addicts in the prison.
While telling the details of the incident he mentioned that his friends had warned him that he was followed by cars, “However I did not pay attention, as I thought that such times were already in the past, when assassination attempts were realized against the politician Hayrikyan.”
He also noted that he always has a legally allowed weapon with him; however he did not take it during the election campaign.
According to the victim he entered the yard and parked the car.
 “I remembered that I had forgotten my bag. Returned and took it. When I shut the door and turned I saw the defendant Khachatur Poghosyan who was standing in front of me. I did not see any weapon, only the covered hand and immediately understood that it was a weapon. I also understood that I have no time to speak and I shouted. The shoot and my shout were simultaneous. I felt pain and the bag fell down. I was thrown back and bent on my neighbor’s car. Then I saw that he was taking aim for the second time and began to move rapidly. I also cried for help,” Paruyr Hayrikyan told.
It is notable that Hayrikyan informed when he bent on the car the alarm of the care was switched; however, during the questioning of witnesses, no one of the neighbors told that they had heard the alarm.
“I heard only the noise of the second shot, but I didn’t feel the result. I only felt that I am losing strength. I went up the steps moaning and felt sleepy. Karen, My neighbor, was slapping in my face and telling me to open my eyes and try not to sleep,” the victim remembered.
He also told how he was taken to the hospital on the ambulance. The victim told that Khachatur Poghosyan, the defendant, ran away after the second shot.
He also remembered and told an incident, which happened three days before the assassination attempt. “Some three days before I was opening the door when I saw that a man was coming up the stairs. I looked at him attentively and was surprised that the fellow with European appearance did not greet me, because in our neighborhood we usually greet each other. Further it seems to me that they were the same persons; however the investigation revealed that no such thing exists.
Paruyr Hayrikyan informed the court that he did not know the defendants Samvel and Khachatur. He had got acquainted with Vardan Sedrakyan during the presidential election campaign, and one of his statements was very surprising for him. “His statement, my car is more valuable than Paruyr Hayrikyan. I was not offended; I was only surprised at the unhealthy thinking of the person, because such statement cannot be made by a man.”
In reply to the question of the defendant Vardan Sedrakyan, when that statement took place, before or after the shot, Hayrikyan said that he did not remember precisely, but, according to his preliminary impression it took place after the shot.
He repeated for several times in the court that the assassination was directed against Hayrikyan – politician and not Hayrikyan a man.
The court sitting will be continued tomorrow. The court shall investigate the proofs.


Note. Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty by the court verdict lawfully entered into force as prescribed by Criminal Procedure Code.


Arev Avagyan

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