Armenian journalist knifed in Moscow

In the south of Moscow a stranger knifed journalist Sergey Aslanyan. The journalist got 20 knife attacks and brain concussion. As informs Itar-Tass agency the capital’s law enforcement bodies, the effected was hospitalized and his life is not in danger.
Police officers informed that the stranger had called Aslanyan and had asked him to go out to the yard for a conversation but he didn’t meet anyone in the yard. When returning to the house, near the entrance a stranger attacked him with a knife.
The police confiscated the video in the portal, in order to find the criminal. The reasons of the attack are not clear. The matter of instituting criminal proceeding is being discussed.
As a reminder, Sergey Aslanyan is the broadcaster of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” and “Mayak”. Earlier he also worked in television.
As reports Life News there is a hypothesis that the reason of the attack was the statement made in “Mayak” radiostation on May 14 about Mohammad prophet. The statement insulted many people.
Now Aslanyan’s ward is controlled by the police.

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