The working group on construction of the “Small Center” of Yerevan shall elaborate a bill

Chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, a consultation was held at Government on coordination of Yerevan “small downtown” development activities. The meeting was attended by Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan. Chief Architect of Yerevan Narek Sargsyan, President of Architects’ Union Mekertich Minasyan, famous architects and urban sector representatives.
Welcoming the guests Tigran Sargsyan said: “After discussing in public issues concerning the conservation of Yerevan’s architectural appearance, we came to the following conclusion: there are different approaches as to what the capital and the downtown, in particular, should be like. To resolve this issue definitely, we have agreed to develop a bill in an effort to find a solution acceptable to all the stakeholders. In such an event, anyone may understand the different aspects of the “smaller downtown”. Decision-making should transparent to provide for a general understanding of the problem, in spite of differences in approaches.”
Deputy Minister of Urban Development Ruzan Alaverdyan was appointed as head of the task force.
The Prime Minister said it seems to be impossible to find an all-out solution to the problem as there are different opinions about any architectural facility in Yerevan. He stressed the need for a consensus on decision-making procedures, as they should be open, transparent, taking into account the experts’ findings and the public opinion.
”We wish to introduce such procedures as stem from the best international practice. To this end, a task force has been established to deal with the corresponding draft law. The public is waiting for it and we must develop a bill meeting the expectations of our citizens” Tigran Sargsyan emphasized.
Noting that a city charter is being developed, Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan suggested involving the task force in those activities.
The initiative on the bill was welcomed as different the speakers presented their comments and proposals on the draft law.
The next meeting of the working group is planned at the end of June.

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