Armenia shall switch to Biometric passports on 1 June 2012

“The system of Biometric passports and ID Cards shall be in use in Armenia from 1 June. However they are not compulsory, and thus the citizens are free to choose to obtain them,” Hovhannes Kocharyan, head of Office of Passports and Visas department of the RA Police said at the meeting with media representatives.
The ID card shall substitute the passport. In future the chip of the ID Card shall provide opportunity to use the public services in a more accessible form and to meet the officials less. The Cards shall substitute the current social cards and the current passports..
Henceforth 3 types of documents that identify a person shall be in use in the RA; Biometric passports, ID Cards and
“Starting 1 June Biometric Passport shall be in use in Yerevan, Vanadzor and Gyumri. Currently we cannot afford implementation of the system in the whole territory of Armenia, as it is rather expensive,” Mr. Hovhannes Kocharyan said.
The price of Biometric Passport shall be 25000AMD, the ID Card – 3000Amd and the Current Passports cost (1000 AMD) shall not change.

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