Two-day seminar on European Convention on Human Rights

On May 2-3, seminar on European Convention on Human Rights took place. The two-day seminar was organized by the German Legal Collaboration Fund and Armenian young Lawyers Association. International legal expert Dr. Otto Mallmann, former Presiding Judge at the Federal Administrative Court and Co-Judge at the European Court of Human Rights, spoke on human rights convention structure.
During the two-day seminar, conditions for applying to the court were discussed and the importance of the court for other court.
International legal collaboration expert Mirjana Visentin, lawyer specialising in human rights and until recently long-term expert in the EU Tacis project “Improvement of Access to Justice in the Russian Federation“, said they believed it may be necessary to attend to simple details of applying to the court. However:
“I must admit, the level of lawyers here was really unexpected. We had to deal with high professionals, and we heard some sophisticated questions”.
The training was attended by AACs lawyers, as well as lawyers from the Armenian Chamber of Lawyers.
On the second day of the training, May 3, the German Ambassador to Armenia Hans Jochen-Schmidt talked about the European Convention on human rights and the situation with the rights in Armenia, as well as collaboration in this area.
“AAC National Network” lawyer Karen Hovhannisyan had just returned from the European Court. The discussion with an expert on procedures of application to the court is very important.
And lawyer Tigran Safaryan has a few cases in the court. He said about the seminar impressions the following: “it was a good opportunity to check my skills and learnt new ones”.
German Fund for legal Collaboration has been in Armenia since 2011. Project director Franciska Zimoni says the main activities are directed at criminal and money-laundering issues.
Armenian Young lawyers Association president Karen Zadoyan believes the training will help AACs lawyers more accurately apply to the European Court of Human Rights. “We plan to continue the collaboration for future raise of legal awareness projects”.
At the end of the seminar participants received certificates.

Nune Hovsepyan

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