What is the Service Record?

Article 20 of the Labor Code of the RA provides the Service Record.

Service record is considered to be the time period during which the citizen was in employment relations regulated by this Code, as well as other periods that may be counted in the service record in accordance with regulatory legal acts or collective agreements to which the labour legislation, other regulatory legal acts and collective agreements attach certain employment rights or additional employment guarantees and privileges. Service record may be:

(1) general service record counting the whole period of employment relations of the citizen, as well as other periods permitted to count in the service record;

(2) special or professional service record counting periods in the course of which work of specific profession was performed or specific position was held or work was performed under particular working conditions, as well as other periods permitted to count in the service record of the given type;

(3) service record within a certain organisation or with the same employer, counting working period at the same position as well as periods permitted to count in the service record of the given type;

(4) uninterrupted service record counting period of work within the same organisation (with the same employer) or several organisations (employers) where shift from one workplace to the other has been made upon the mutual agreement of employers or upon other grounds not interrupting the service record or when intervals between the shift from one work to the other one have not exceeded one month;

(5) insurance service record counting total period of employment and other activities not proscribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, during which the citizen has been subject to insurance, and mandatory social security contributions have been made for him or her and/or by him or her in the manner prescribed by law.

The procedure for counting the service record shall be defined by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.


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