Concessions will be granted to the Communities and Land Users that have been affected up to 80-100% by the Disaster: Prime Minister

Today, at the government session, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan gave instructions on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters and state support.

An instruction on the study of the consequences of the hail in the territory of the Republic and possible solutions had been given. As a result of the complex studies of consequences of hailstorm, and also the year-round frostbite from which the communities and land users suffered were carried out and the options of possible state support were considered.

“Based on the above said, I instruct the Ministers of Agriculture, and Territorial Administration and Development, the Chairman of the State Committee of Water System, and the governors to undertake the necessary measures, to grant concessions according to their applications, such as land tax, irrigation water, and amounts to be paid in the framework of state support of providing seeds to the communities and land users that been affected up to 80-100% by the disaster,” the Prime Minister said.

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