Lack of Money hinders the realization of Ideas of the Schoolgirls

15-year-old Mane and Anna learn in school # 1 of Yeghegnadzor City. This year completed the 9th grade and moved to the 10th.

The idea of creating a new app for video-recognition program are eager to participate in “DJ Camp” this summer, where they will have opportunity to realize their dream.

However the lack of money kept them back from participation. According to them only 1 participant from one school can participate free of charge: the others have to pay 100000 AMD for participation.

Notably, “DJ Camp” is aimed to support the youth of 13-17 years of age that have innovative ideas to make the first steps in entrepreneurial activities through providing corresponding training and knowledge during the 10 days in the camp and later to support them for the development of own businesses, as well as providing opportunity to participate in different major events and find partners.

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