David Mao lecture for Armenian lawyers

Director of the Legal Department of the US Congress Library David Mao visited Armenian Young Lawyers Association.

Armenian lawyers listened to David Mao’s lecture about the US Congress Library and its legal department, received answers to questions.

The meeting was organized by US Embassy in Armenia, Armenian Young Lawyers Association, Yerevan AAC.

David Mao said the US Congress legal library was created over 100 years ago. It contains over 2,8 million books.

“This lecture give many opportunities to Armenian lawyers to make use of the Congress library,” – president of Armenian Young Lawyers Association and USA Alumni Association in Armenia Karen Zadoyan said.

TO the question of iravaban.net on whether the library has Armenian authors, Mao said: “Yes, we do have books by Armenian authors, but not as many as we would like to”.

Director of US Alumni Association in Armenia Khachik Gevorgyan visited the library once. He remembers acquiring a card quite easily. “What I like in Mr. Mao’s speech the most is the process of digitalizing the books which he admitted to me will make their books available online quite soon”, – Gevorgyan says.

David Mao also deposited a name-tagged wine into the winery. “I’m impressed with everyone’s good will, open-mindedness, how information is provided and questions asked”, – said Mao.

Director of the Legal Department of the US Congress Library David Mao is in Armenia for the first time. He was invited to Armenia within the framework of Yerevan “World Books Capital” celebrations, as well as Armenia’s celebration of 500 years of book printing.

Nune Hovsepyan 

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