The Critics shall refer to the Facts rather than misrepresent them: Arpine Hovhannisyan

Recently, the Government’s anti-corruption struggle has become a target for the MP Edmon Marukyan. According to him the reports of the Anti-Corruption Council distinctly show that there are no mechanisms in place for the reduction of corruption. We spoke on this matter with Arpine Hovhannisyan, the RA Minister of Justice.

What can you say about Edmon Marukyan’s statements?

I have already stated my opinion on this matter during discussion in the NA, and I again confirm it now. I shall only add that the critics shall refer to the facts rather than misrepresent them.

What has the Anti-Corruption Counsel done since its establishment?

“First I would like to mention that the Council was established on 19 February 2015. However, its first session was held on 28 July, 2015. Two months later, on 25 September 2015, based on the recommendations approved at that session, we adopted the strategy and action plan for 2015-2018, and after another two months we held the second session, where the implemented activities were represented. Of course, six months is a really short period, but certain activities were conduct even in that short period. Specifically, the Draft Laws on making amendments in the RA Law on Public Service and the RA Code on Administrative Violations were elaborated. The drafts will be submitted to the RA Government and then to the National Assembly. These are only part of the drafts that are being developed. Soon the new drafts regulated the sector will be presented to the public.

How does the Council intend to fight against the economic monopolies and political corruption?

You will be informed about the approaches referring to economic monopolies and political corruption from the further steps of the Council.

Gevorg Tosunyan