“You took Money for enrollment of my Child in University,” the defendants in the Case of Bribery at the University were accusing each other

Today, the defendants of the case on bribery at the University delivered speeches and last pleas.

4 people were involved in the case, one of them Hrach Chplakhyan who was charged for mediation and supporting the bribery had died.

Lavrent Kosyan one of the defendants was charged for the fact that learning from Hrach Chplakhyan, lecturer of Kh. Abovyan Pedagogical University, that Lilia Martirosyan had an intention to enrole her son into the law department of the Yerevan State University and her readiness to give bribe, came to a preliminary agreement with Levon Kizokyan and embezzled especially large sum of money from Lilia Martirosyan by fraud.

Lavret Kosyan in his speech charged Levon Kizokyan. He said that he had sold his apartment because of him. “You have swindled me, and I shall not be able to recover from this situation until the end of my life.”

Then he turned to the other defendant saying, “I feel guilty I had counted the money and gave you. Did not keep a penny, I was left without money, I was sick and asked other people to buy medicine. You have swindle this person (Lilia Martirosyan-G.T.), you will pay for this, and I have counted the money and gave you.”

At the end the defendant asked the court to treat him as a mediator of bribe case.

Defendant Levon Kizokyan was charged for the same action. He called Lavrent Kosyan’s speech a slander. “This is not the only case, you have taken money from the people’s children, and I feel guilty for being in touch with you.” Then he added that he had not taken any money. “I have not received any money, I repeat before the God, if I accept any money, I would do everything to return Mrs. Lilia’s debt. I apply to the respectful court to acquit me”.

Lilia Martirosyan who was charged for giving bribe was crying during the court hearing. Mrs. Martirosyan in her speech noted “Levon is lying, I even have a tape recording where he gives promises, please be lenient towards me.”

The phase of court disputes was over, the court listened the last pleas of the defendants. The defendants claimed their speeches they had nothing to add.

The court went to the deliberation room.

During the court session the defendants did not allow to take their photos.


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