The Ministry of Defense bought 2 Expensive “Jeeps”

On December 18, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract with “Karkomavto” Company for the purchase of 2 truck cars.

Pursuant to the document on the purchase “Nissan Patrol 5.6” car was bought for which 35.8 million AMD (about 75 thousand USD) was paid and “Chevrolet Captiva 3.0″ car for which 17.5 million AMD (about 37 thousand USD) was paid.

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It is due to mention the legal grounds fot the purchase is the Government’s Decision 1431-N of December 3. It allowed the Government to realize the process of buying a number of goods including these cars pursuant to Article 20, Part 5, Point 2 of the RA Law on Procurements. That is without preliminary declaring of the negotiation process.