How has Hayk appeared among the Defendants of the Gang Case?

The trial of the armed gang case has been going on at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts for two years. But during the last period the investigation of the case has reached a deadlock. The last four sessions have been delayed for different reasons, and before that the defendants and their defenders boycotted demanding a fair trial.

During the interview with us the defender of the alleged gang leader Rafael Haroyan stated that he had no connection with this case. Armen Feroyan, Hayk Kojoyan’s defender also states that his client has almost nothing to do with this case as well.

During the interview with us Armen Feroyan stated that Hayk has no connection with the armed attack on the change located in 3rd Mas. Whereas according to the claim of the preliminary body Hayk has not only taken part in the armed attack but also got a gunshot injury accidentally.

“Two shots have been fired and one of them, we don’t know how, hit the hand of my client, then the bullet came out of his hand and entered the stomach of the deceased. And I raise a question: why even a drop of blood has not been found in the scene, on the bullet and on the clothes of the perished,” Armen Faroyan said.

And in response to the question how Hayk has got that injury, the defender answered that Hayk has not provided testimonies nether during the preliminary investigation, nor during the court hearings, but he will give testimonies in the case of a fair investigation. And the expert has not provided a clear conclusion on the injury mentioning that it could be a gunshot wound.

But the defendant Gohar Gasparyan mentioned in her testimony that when they were swathing Hayk’s wound in their house at first the boys said that they had involved in a fight, and at that time he had received the injury. And then they changed their words and said that it had happened during the attack on the change.

Armen Feroyan states that Hayk is related to the attack on the change as much as according to the testimony provided by Karen he, Hayk and Rafael have decided together to commit a theft, but at the last moment Karen has realized his intention with another person.

According to Armen Feroyan the only way to bring this case out of deadlock is to implement of the appropriate measures by the prosecutor in order to consider the case objectively. Namely a person with the nickname “Jung” should be questioned, who according to Karen’s testimony was with him during the armed attack.

And in response to the question why the prosecutor hasn’t undertaken appropriate measures, Armen Feroyan answered: “I think they don’t want to admit that they have made a mistake for the second time, and that they have arrested wrong people. For a few months another person has been placed into detention in relation to this case, then the investigators have found out that he is not the criminal and have set him free.”

The advocate also noted that the evidence is changed in order to accuse people. “The witnesses provided different testimonies at the beginning, but they haven’t managed to change the testimony of the deceased, according to which the attackers were tall and skinny wearing white cloths. But they were wearing black clothes when they went to Gohar’s house to swathe the wound. And they were not wearing the cloths described in the testimony. During the investigation of the case all the testimonies are changed drastically.”

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