EUPG presented civil servants monitoring results in Armenia

On April 5, 2012, EU Parliamentary Group organized a round table to present the results of civil servants monitoring report.

RA Government applied to EUPG to monitor several public service areas, specifically family benefits, cadastre, tax reporting electronic system, notary, civil registry.

The goal of the monitoring is to gather overall information about provided service, analyze dissatisfaction by public, and recommend amendments. According the public governance reforms specialist schedule, this measure will take place through January-May 2012.

As a result of submitted reports RA Government and EUPG will implement monitoring in two of the five areas – Cadastre and Civil Registry.

“Armenian Young Lawyers Association” in 2009 and 2011 implemented monitoring of notary and civil registry offices. Based on results reforms recommendations were provided to the Justice ministry and the government, which were mainly reflected in the new “Notary law,” mentioned Ms. Syuzanna Soghomonyan, coordinator of AACs national network project.

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