The Drivers of the Public Transport are Smoking While Driving and in some cases the are Drunk while Driving

The President of Peace Dialogue NGO Edgar Khachatryan reported about the activities carried out within the frames “Public Control as a Tool for Corruption Risks’ Reduction” project in the interview with

The project launched from May: as it was introduced in preliminary project it would last 4 months and would be terminated in August. It was meant to observe the corruption risks existent in the sphere of the Transportation in Vanadzor and to work up the package of suggestions aimed to improvement of that sphere activities.

In recent years, the problems connected with public transportation in Vanadzor City are started to be spoken very often. Mainly, it concerns the issues that in many transportation means arrivals corresponding to timetable provided by the agreement are not made between the Local Authorities and LLC providing the transportation.

One of the problems is that there are non-sanitation conditions, the drivers are smoking during the driving, and in some cases they are drunk.

In the interview with us Edgar Khachatryan mentioned that the project consisted of some stages:

“At the first stage we studied, tried to find out from the letters which structure in the sphere of transportation is responsible for what, what kind of hidden corruption risks are, and on what we can make suggestions.”

According to the President of the NGO, the information gained from the letters have been processed which was sent to interested people, Transportation Inspection, the Department of Transportation of Municipality.
“We have received answers and launched on TV based on them. Besides, our journalists tried to speak to the citizens and understand which kind of problems there are in the sphere of transportation. We had interview with the officials as well who are involved in that sphere. There are articles in our web-page and published in “Asparez” as well.”

As Edgar Khachatryan mentions, at the end of the project the package of suggestions must be introduced to the interested people. It is almost ready; only the editing works have been left:

“Everything that was planned is completely done; there is no deviation from the original plan,” said Edgar Khachatryan.

“Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project is co-funded by the European Union and the OSCE Yerevan Office and is implemented by the “Armenian Young Lawyers Association” NGO and the partner organization “Freedom of Information Center” NGO.

Zara Manucharyan