“I am not able to get acquainted with this Huge Case during a Week,” the Trial of the Gang Case postponed again

Today, at the Court of First Instance of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts the trial of Rafael Haroyan and others case went on, presided by the Judge Arshak Vardanyan.

The trial started late and it was found out that this one must be delayed again because the Defense Eduard Aghajanyan of the accused Gohar Gabrielyan did not have time for getting acquainted with the case. The Judge gave him a week but the Defense opposed saying that he could not manage in that period: “Please, consider my cases as well. They are a lot and I am not able to get acquainted with this huge case minimum in 15 working days,” said the Advocate.

After the discussion the Judge decided to satisfy the motion and to delay the trial till September 10.

9 people are accused of armed attack being a gang member, committed theft in significant amount and committing murder. According to indictment, the accused Edita Alikhanyan working as a specialist of customer service department in operational department of “Armbusinessbank” and having the opportunity to attain depositors’ banking data by using her authorities against the benefits of the company, plundered 723.940 $ and 83.668.795 AMD by the agreement of her husband Tigran through the computer technology which caused hard consequences for the bank.

Roza Vardanyan


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