Why did the Ministry of Justice Buy Cognac Worth 1.1 Million AMD?

On 26 May the Ministry of Justice bought 26 bottles of various cognacs worth 1 million 133 thousand AMD from “Arbren” CJSC.
Particularly, 7 bottles of 0.7 liters “Dvin” cognac, each worth 47.750 AMD; 11 bottles of 0.5 liters “Nairi” cognac, each worth 30.900 AMD; 10 bottles of 0.5 liters “Tonakan” cognac, each worth 20.600 AMD and 22 bottles of 0.5 liters “Akhtamar” cognac, each worth 11.500 AMD.
To Iravaban.net’s inquiry, A. Gevorgyan, Chief of the stuff of the Ministry of Justice, replied that the juridical corroboration of the purchase is subpoint 5 of point 25 verified by the Government decision 168-N “About organizing the process of purchases” made on 6 February 2011, that states the aim of the purchase: “For receiving delegations, purchasing goods and services with the purpose of organizing foreign visits, purchasing air tickets exceptionally from air transportation agents.”
“The purchase is foreseen to present the members of foreign delegations that were hosted and will be hosted during the whole year with Armenian famous cognac”- said A. Gevorgyan.
To the question why the purchase was made from “Arbren” CJSC that is situated in the village Argavand of Ararat marz, the ministry gave such a reply: “After the market examination it turned out that the very organization offers an accessible price, quick and qualified goods delivery.”
These cognacs are cheaper if compared with the purchase made by the Government stuff (those are the cognacs that the delegation headed by the Prime Minister takes to abroad as souvenirs). The difference between the prices of the cognacs purchased by the Ministry and the Government stuff is 50 AMD for 1 bottle.


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