Do you want the Situation to be changed? A Discussion on Anti-Corruption Struggle

Today, corruption in education sphere was being discussed in Ararat marz. Directors of several schools were present, among them Ms Zina Hovhannisyan. Speaking about the problem she mentioned that there is no corruption in schools, at the same time she urged to carry out surveys in the society to clarify whether they want the situation to be changed.

“In addition, how many would stand by us? Nobody, I assure you. First of all this should be of practical nature. No theory will do any good. We must struggle until we achieve the victory”, – said the director of Secondary school N.2 after Paruyr Sevak in Ararat city.

Directors present at the seminar assured that there is no corruption in their schools. “Actually there are no such cases, I exclude it. in general the management and the staff are open, because there is a democratic atmosphere”, – assured Gohar Hovhannisyan, the director of basic school N 3 in Ararat city.

There are 304 pupils in Vosketap basic school, and the director Torgom Petrosyan tells that the community is small, people know each other, so there is no corruption in establishment: “If corruption appears in the education system, there can be no room for education”.

The same picture is in Surenavan: a small village, the pedagogues are from the same community.” The staff is small, they work in a united way, children of the same village come to school, there are no corruption risks”, – said Valya Avetisyan, the director of the basic school of the village.

Meanwhile the directors agreed that anti-corruption trainings must be carried out in the educational establishments. Such a seminar was held in the school after Paruyr Sevak, where children wrote compositions, took part in competitions. According to teacher Gohar Martirosyan the anti-corruption knowledge course influenced the formulation of pupils’ worldview efficiently.

In this marz they are sure that problems must be solved through working and sharing knowledge with both pupils and their family members:” There are many problems in the marz, particularly in the education sphere, but if the problems are not solved, the child from a problematic family takes the same problem to the educational establishment as well”, – said Tigran Matevosyan, coordinator of “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project in Ararat marz.