“We are not so Wealthy to buy Cheap and Low Quality Goods”, Sona Truzyan

Iravaban.net has already informed, that the RA Government made a decision about allocating 36.5 Million AMD (76.000 USD) to the RA Investigative Committee for the purchase of two cars. According to the mentioned decision the RA Investigative Committee was authorised to buy two cars on the account of the means of the state budget of 2015. The cost of one vehicle is 21.8 million AMD and will have a 3.5 liter engine capacity. The other vehicle will cost 14.7 million AMD and will have 2.5 liter engine capacity.

The reasoning for such decision is as follows, “Based on the peculiarities of the work of Investigative Committee there is a need to allocate from the means of state budget for 2015 for purchase of vehicles a sum necessary for the purchase of two vehicles for special purposes, which technical characteristics are different from those provided in the 24 July 2008 Decision 830-N, based on the specifics of the work of the RA Special Investigative Committee.”

Answering the question given by Iravaban.net about the necessity of buying cars, Sona Truzyan, the adviser to the Head of the RA Investigative Committee, said that they took into consideration the fact that from time to time they have to visit some marzes and villages. That is why they need high quality cars. “We are not so wealthy to obtain cheap and poor quality goods.

Sona Truzyan added that there was no problem about getting extra money. The Investigative Committee just requested the RA Government to be given the opportunity of buying high quality cars.

She also mentioned that at present the Head of the Investigative Committee does not have a service car that is why one of the cars will be given to him.