The Issue of Criminalization of Illicit Enrichment must be discussed: Aram Vardanyan

One of the tools to achieve success in fight against corruption is criminalization of illicit enrichment and defining the corresponding punishments. The international experience is the evidence of this. And on the assumption of the fact that currently the issue of elaboration of the new Criminal Court is on the agenda, the issue of inclusion of criminalization of illicit enrichment should be considered as well, considering the fact that the major part of the public is interested in this. Aram Vardanyan, PhD in Law, Advisor to the President of the RA Constitutional Court said this in the interview with

“I have noticed that a large segment of society, NGOs, human rights activists are raising the issue. The issue is also discussed in professional circles. And regardless of whether the outcome of these discussions will be positive or negative, that is, such article will be included or not, it must be justified,” Aram Vardanyan said.