The Anti-Corruption Council follows its Predecessor’s Track; NGO President

Gevorg Manukyan, President of the “Armenian Constitutional Right- Protective Center” NGO believes that the anti-Corruption Council would not be able to act effectively. He explained his belief issuing from two circumstances. First the composition of the Council is skeptical, and second the range of its authorities is limited.

“From the aspect of efficiency the Anti-Corruption Council will be a body like the Council adjacent to the first President of the RA some 10-15 years ago, which worked in compliance with the strategic plan. It included NGOs as well, however today we see that there were not any results then. This Government created Council obviously follows its predecessor’s track.”

According to Gevorg Manukyan, the Council must be restructured, or a totally new body, which will ensure real efficiency, must be established. “In addition it will have real impact to influence on the realities, and we know the realities, that exist in the sphere of corruption,” Mr. Gevorgyan concluded.